President's Message

It’s hard to believe that ten short years ago I was attending my first SMPS Program and now I am starting my term as SMPS Houston President. When I first became involved with SMPS, I was a shy, overwhelmed, fresh college graduate that had just been hired at an AEC Firm as a Marketing Coordinator. I was in way over my head. I honestly didn’t even know what a civil engineer did let alone what a marketer did for an AEC Firm, but I continually got the same advice: GET INVOLVED WITH SMPS. If I could go back and give myself some advice, it would be don’t dip your toe into SMPS, don’t just attend events or sit in on webinars, but jump in - it will change your life! Once I jumped into SMPS, I realized why I kept getting the same advice: the network, knowledge, experience, and friendships developed through SMPS truly are invaluable.

When the SMPS Houston 2019-2020 Board sat down at our Board Retreat this year, one thing was concrete: we wanted to make absolute sure we were providing our members with value. Equipping coordinators with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their job, teaching managers how to become a leader in their firm, connecting business developers with clients, and helping directors and chief marketing officers get a seat at the table and advocate for their staff. In order to accomplish this goal, our Board is committed to elevating our programing, providing member-only events, becoming a resource for marketing content, and bringing in top clients and education speakers.

It is an honor to be serving as the SMPS Houston President and I am eager to work alongside our Board Members to provide our members with the tools needed to succeed in their career and help their firms succeed. I want to challenge you this year to join a committee, go to a luncheon and sit next to someone you don’t know, attend an educational event that challenges your skills, attend a board meeting (they are open to all members) and jump in to SMPS Houston. It might just change your career. In addition, if you have any questions this year, want to know more about SMPS, want to brainstorm on ways to get plugged in with our Chapter, or know of a great speaker that our members would benefit from, I would love to grab a coffee or lunch with you to talk about it! Don’t hesitate to call me (832-797-1331) or email me ([email protected]). I look forward to serving you this year!

mindy Cernosek

SMPS Houston Chapter President, 2019-2020