SMPS Houston Chapter News


Melanie Meeks, CPSM
President, Meeks Marketing, Inc.
SMPS Houston President: 2016 - 2017

Best career advice for a new marketing professional in the AEC industry?
Get involved in SMPS and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any issue you come across - I can pretty much guarantee you that someone in our Chapter has tackled that very thing before. Utilize your SMPS network! You get out of SMPS what you put into it so don’t be afraid to be bold and start volunteering.

Favorite SMPS Houston Memory?
There are too many to count. Some of my favorites include chairing the 2010 gala with Tracey Bocksnick and attending PLS in Alexandria, Virginia in 2016.

Marketing Tip (ie: short cut in InDesign, BD tip, word tip, marketing tracking tip, etc.)
My tip is networking related although none of us are able to do much of that right now! When I attend an event, meeting, etc., I immediately record information in my phone about new contacts along with their contact information. The information may include how or where I met them and information they shared about their firm and their position; but also any personal related info they may have mentioned such as spouse’s name, kids’ names, what area of town they live in, where they went to school, etc. This has come in handy many times when I am needing to jog my memory about someone I may not have seen for a while.

How are you passing time during CVOID-19?
Working and homeschooling my kids has definitely been a challenge and a juggling act, but we are enjoying the extra family time and making the most of it! We have been enjoying the nice weather and doing a lot of bike riding. There are currently four completed puzzles on my dining room table, and we have also been playing a lot of cards and board games.

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