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SMPS Board Member Spotlight | Lara Vagstad

Lara Vagstad
Pursuit Specialist at HR Green
Title/Position: Pursuit Specialist
SMPS Member since:  2016           
Board of Directors Position: Membership Director

What does your committee (or position) do?
We help members get the most value out of their membership. We recruit and welcome new members, connect them to the appropriate networks, and plan membership events.

Why did you want to be on the board?
Getting involved in SMPS has helped me so much in my career, mostly providing me opportunities for professional development and networking. I believe in our mission and want to help spread the message and value of membership.

What do you hope to accomplish as director/chair?
To accomplish our goal to increase membership, we will host more membership events, connect with more members, and communicate the value of membership. I hope to expand my network and get to know more of our membership.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a board member?
Start by getting involved and participating in a committee. Make yourself available to help and follow through on your commitments. The more you learn, the better prepared you will be for a board position. It’s a commitment, but it’s well worth it.

Why do you love SMPS?
The support. When I need information, compassion, or someone to listen to an idea, I turn to SMPS.

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