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SMPS Member Spotlight | Amber Timmermeyer

Amber Timmermeyer, CPSM
Marketing Manager at JE Dunn Construction
Length in the industry: 20 years
SMPS Member since: 2005, currently serving on the Communications Committee and the Design Awards Committee

Can you offer a helpful hint for fellow SMPS members?  Get involved!! Start out by joining a committee. As a past Board Member, I can attest that all committees need more active volunteers. The chapter has all KINDS of opportunities (writing, photography, event planning, etc.) Just take a look at the list of committees, decide what sounds interesting - and jump in!

What has been your most memorable SMPS event to date, and why?  Being a member for such a long time, there are many memorable events! I have learned a ton at various education sessions, attended numerous fun networking events, and had some awesome times at SRC…but the most memorable will have to be this year’s gala just last week, where I was surprised, and completely honored, with the Rock of the Chapter Award!  

What do you love most about your job?  Deadlines. Ha! Just kidding! Actually, even though it is sort of the standard answer for this question, my honest answer is the people. My co-workers are all pretty great, and the folks I have befriended throughout the industry and SMPS are the best. I have quite a bit of fun at my job, and that is not something everyone can say! 

If you were not in this industry, what would be your “dream job”?  A travelling, Olympic roller-skater, fashionista. Sort of a cross between the jobs of Anthony Bourdain, Anna Wintour, and Simone Biles, if she roller-skated. (Hey, no one said that it had to be a REAL job!) 

What would you do with a year off?  Travel, wear fabulous clothes, and roller skate, (see above)

What do you enjoy most about Houston?  The food! I truly believe that our food scene is the best in Texas, and can definitely compete with big-boy foodie cities like New York, New Orleans, Chicago, etc. Plus, I know for a FACT that we have the best Vietnamese food here, outside of Vietnam.

What would we find playing on your iPod, or phone, etc. Much to the delight of my husband, I recently stopped the continuous loop of the Hamilton soundtrack. Now, much to the chagrin of my husband, I have been REALLY into the True Crime podcasts. SSGDM!!

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