One2One Mentor/Protégé Spotlight: Matt Connor and Marcus Edwards


MENTOR: Matt Connor, CPSM | Business Development Manager at JQ | Past President, SMPS Houston

Matt ConnorWhy did you apply to the mentorship program?  I have been a mentor in the SMPS Mentoring Program 2 times previously and I have been a protégé once. I find that I get the most out of life when I am helping others. The SMPS Houston Mentoring Program is the perfect place for me to hopefully add value to someone else and in the process learn and benefit along the way.

What do you hope to learn from each other?  Marcus is so full of energy and drive. He has a passion for success. I feel younger just hanging out with him. I think that he will teach me about many things. He is about to get his MBA and comes from a whole different generation. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me!

How did you (or plan to) structure your mentorship? Do you meet at the same time every week? Do you have an agenda for each meeting?  We are planning to meet face to face at least once a month and have multiple communications in between. Right now Marcus is going through a transitional phase, wrapping up school, being a new father, getting his feet wet in the AEC industry, we plan to take it as it comes initially. His situation could change week to week, so we want to keep it real flexible, so we are meeting his needs.

What do you like best about working in the A/E/C industry?  It is such a small tight group of professionals. I have life-long friends that have come from this industry and SMPS. Marcus is the newest member of my AEC family. We have already become good friends and in a few months we will be like brothers. You can’t find that in most industries! 


PROTÉGÉ: Marcus Edwards | Business Development Manager at Global Momentum Construction Company, LLC | Education Committee, SMPS Houston

Marcus EdwardsWhy did you apply to the mentorship program?  I wanted to know the a/e/c industry in every aspect. This opportunity would cut the learning curve in record time and allow me to have proper guidance in this journey. This opportunity would help create an “in” for me to build my network and meet senior level professionals with years of experience. 

What do you hope to learn from each other?  I hope to learn the technical skills for business development and marketing professional services and create a network that will leverage my time and opportunity. I want to understand the metrics for wining accounts and projects. Then to be able to problem solve difficult decisions and to correct honest mistakes. The learning I gain will enhance my professional growth and add experience that will embrace the process for me.

How did you (or plan to) structure your mentorship? Do you meet at the same time every week? Do you have an agenda for each meeting?  We structured our program by beginning with my current questions and problems. Then, created an outline of other weak point I need to focus on. We make a goal to meet once a month about our mentorship program. Yes we have an agenda that details our plan of action.

What do you like best about working in the A/E/C industry?  This is a relationship driven industry and I’m a people person who is business savvy. I feel like I was made to a leader in this industry. This will be another opportunity to stretch my abilities and skills to make me a stronger player in the global economy.