Member Spotlight: Michelle Cazares

Michelle Cazares, Marketing Manager, IDS Engineering Group

SMPS Member since 2004


How has SMPS helped you in your career?  SMPS has served as a great resource to meet other marketing professionals to collaborate with and relate to. In addition, via luncheons and the SMPS Regional conference, I have gained knowledge on “tips and tricks” to assist me in my everyday job functions.

What has been your memorable SMPS event to date, and why?  My most memorable SMPS event was the Regional Conference in New Orleans. Not only is NOLA a great place to visit, the conference was well attended, and the seminars, speakers, and knowledge gained from the classes was very useful.

What do you love most about your job?  What I love most about my job is getting the opportunity to mentor our Marketing Assistant. The greatest thing one can do is give back and help someone else learn as much of the knowledge that I have gained from my years in the industry. Hopefully, in the future this person will also pass along her knowledge gained for others.

What has been your hardest lesson learned?  My hardest lesson learned was trusting FedEx to deliver an SOQ to where it needed to go. At times, it’s the only avenue to get a submittal from here to there but I should have allowed myself more time or hand-delivered it. To this day, it’s the only SOQ that I have missed and because of that, I typically hand-deliver them myself or someone in our office does for me.

What would you do with a year off?  If I had an entire year off (and endless money), I would pack the essentials in a small suitcase and go to the airport. Upon arrival, I would ask the desk clerk to give me a one-way ticket to anywhere. At the end of each week, I would do the exact same thing and go from place to place for an entire year.

What do you enjoy most about Houston?  Being a native Houstonian makes me a bit biased because I love my city and enjoy many things. Overall, I enjoy the people and various cultures, the AMAZING variety of food, and our sports teams!!!