Member Spotlight: Juanita Mano

Juanita Manor, Proposal Specialist, Jones|Carter

SMPS Member since 2018


How has SMPS helped you in your career?  I haven’t been a member of SMPS very long but from what I have experienced SMPS is the key to the next step in my career. I plan to obtain my CPSM through this organization and continue learning new skills to make myself more vital to my company.

What is the biggest benefit of being active in SMPS?  The networking and continuing education courses/events.

Can you offer a helpful hint for fellow SMPS members?  Take advantage of EVERYTHING. (I sure plan to)

Why did you decide to pursue your CPSM certification?  Currently pursuing – There’s nothing like having a professional certification behind your name to amplify that you know what you’re doing. This definitely increases one’s value to self and their company; I want to be valuable across the board.

What do you love most about your job?  I love being able to work with/network with so many people within my company but also outside of my company. I’m a people person, so I enjoy the comradery of others and getting to know and experience different people.

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?  The process of having to get to and from work. Although I am EXTREMELY fortunate to live close to my office, we all know the whoas of having to get up 3 hours early or travel 2 HOURS for a 15-mile commute just to defeat the monster known as Houston traffic. If I could eliminate that, day would be set!

What’s the best career advice you have ever received?  Attention to detail, attention to detail, attention to detail.

What has been your hardest lesson learned?  ATTENTION TO DETAIL, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

If you were not in this industry, what would be your “dream job”?  If you watch Scandal – Olivia Pope’s PROFESSIONAL career. I think her career in PR is really amazing and I think I have the go getter attitude to handle such a position, if I wasn’t in the AEC marketing industry of course.

What would you do with a year off?  Mission work; it’d be the most perfect way for me to continue being a part of something greater than myself, culturally diversify myself, and see the world.

What do you enjoy most about Houston?  I LOVE that Houston is a huge melting pot. I am a lover of all things cultural and Houston fuels my cultural inquisitiveness.

How do you kick-back?  Reruns of old 90s shows, Law & Order SVU, Harry Potter movies, popcorn, LOTS of pillows, a blanket, my phone and the charger. Done.

What is your favorite film?  Waiting to Exhale (It’s a Whitney Houston/Angela Basset 90s movie)

What would we find playing on your iPod, or phone, etc.  Honestly, you could hear anything from Rap/Hip-Hop, to Afro Beats, to Bachata, to Reggae, to Reggaeton, to Beyonce (because she is her own genre of music), 90s R&B, Neosoul, Country, Pop, EMD/House, pretty much whatever I can find on AppleMusic or Spotify that aligns with my soul at that moment.

What’s the one thing you already own that you can’t live without?  Full length mirror. Self-explanatory.

Where do you find inspiration?  In my memories of people (even though sometimes I think I’ve created those memories lol), or music, or inspiration pieces from other people, or just a random interaction with someone/thing.