Member Spotlight: Della Mullan

Della Mullan, CPSM | Business Development Manager at PSRG

SMPS Member since 2013


Why did you decide to pursue your CPSM certification?  When I accepted the position of Business Development Manager with MMI Engineering in 2013 they wrote the condition into my contract that I had to join a local chapter of the SMPS and work towards my CPSM certification. I was happy to join a support network for marketers and business development professionals and waited for the Houston Chapter to organize a boot camp before committing to sit my CPSM exam. I was delighted when I took and passed the exam in 2015!  In December 2015 I moved to PSRG where my new employer also recognized the benefit of staff maintaining professional certifications and so gave a commitment to support my continued education through the CPSM program.

What does being a CPSM mean to you?  Being a CPSM validates the study I undertook for the exam, my professional experience and also promotes the need for continuous learning within a supportive organization.

What is the biggest benefit of being active in SMPS? Being active within SMPS offers a network of seasoned professionals who are all willing to work in a supportive manner, sharing best practices and new ideas.

Describe your typical work day. Being a Business Development Manager there is nothing typical about my work day, which is why I enjoy it so much!  Every day includes contact with clients by email, phone or face-to-face to nurture and maintain business relationships. I regularly attend conferences and technical meetings to promote PSRG’s capabilities and this adds to my every-growing network. With every new contact comes a lot of following up and maintenance. Add into the mix proposal preparation and review, staff newsletters and social media outreach and you have an idea of what could form part each busy day! 

What do you love most about your job?  Working in Business Development you get the opportunity to meet fabulous people. I enjoy hearing their stories and exploring ways PSRG can help support their safe operations.

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?  Something really silly – doing my timesheet!  Such a small, but necessary, task and I procrastinate when it comes to completing it! 

What’s the best career advice you have ever received?  When I moved into Business Development I was told to forget about ‘sales’ and focus on developing relationships within the industry. It is a perspective that has stuck with me as through relationships built on trust, and good communication, the sales will come.

What has been your hardest lesson learned?  If important information is being relayed to a large group, it is important to follow up with written clarification! I found myself in a situation early in my career where information I relayed to staff was misinterpreted due to staff concerns about their job security. This mis-information was then passed to a very senior professional within the industry and I was made aware of his comments relating to me and my staff brief. I took guidance and was advised to make an appointment and clarify the situation with that individual. It was a nerve-wracking experience due to the seniority of the manager involved, but having a face-to-face to clear up the misunderstanding was definitely the best outcome. He also held me in much higher regard after I did so. 

If you were not in this industry, what would be your “dream job”?  If I could do it all over again I may consider doing something in the legal profession, forensics or in politics, although if I win the lotto I might just open a Scottish pub in Houston!

What would you do with a year off?  I would travel more. Coming from Scotland I return every other year on vacation and then have a vacation in the US on alternate years. I would spend more time exploring the US. I am very involved in my Church, but there is never enough time to do everything we want to so I would definitely increase my volunteer hours!  I would spend more time in the kitchen – I love to cook, and reading, there is never enough time to sit and read a good book!

What do you enjoy most about Houston?  I really enjoy the diversity of the city, there is something for everyone!  I grew up in a village of 1,000 people in the Highlands of Scotland but within Houston you have areas that feel like villages within the city. I like the fact people in my grocery store know me by name, and if I go to the mall I often meet people I know!

How do you kick-back?  Watching movies, reading, playing the drums…

What is your favorite film?  I’m a child of the 80s so it has to be Top Gun (although Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Breakfast at Tiffany’s is up there too).

What would we find playing on your iPod, or phone, etc.Aerosmith, Cage the Elephant, Everclear, Alice Cooper, Offspring, The White Stripes, The Stranglers, Green Day, Beastie Boys, Coldplay… 

What’s the one thing you already own that you can’t live without?  My car – you can take all my electronic gadgets but you cannot live in Houston without a car!

Where do you find inspiration?  Faith, Family and Friends!