Member Spotlight: Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans, Marketing Assistant, Perkins+Will

SMPS Member since 2017


How has SMPS helped you in your career?  I am fairly new to SMPS so I am looking forward to getting involved, learning more about the industry and how to be a more successful marketer.

What is the biggest benefit of being active in SMPS?  The numerous opportunities to learn and build my knowledge base, and the ability to grow my network and meet those who can offer guidance in the industry. I believe SPMS will be a great place to do this and I am excited to make these things happen. Knowledge is power.

Describe your typical work day.  I wear many hats, as most marketers do. Some days I am working on two deadlines at once others I am planning a new way to revamp our office culture. While I sit at the same desk, my days rarely look the same.

What do you love most about your job?  I love that every day is different, challenging and usually teaches me something new. I never expected to be in the AEC industry so I am constantly learning. I started as our receptionist and moved to marketing a year ago so I still have a lot to learn but that means that every day is an opportunity to explore the path ahead of me.

What’s the best career advice you have ever received?  Never stop asking questions. So many people are afraid to ask questions for fear of looking ignorant but I have found that asking questions helps you not only learn the basics of what you’re working on but can also lead to exploration and collaboration. Ask the questions you need answered first and then ask the questions you want answered and keep asking those questions.

What would you do with a year off?  If I had a year off, I would travel. A cliché answer but I have traveled since I was a small child, my fiancé and I found a connection through traveling and I couldn’t imagine life without it. To be able to see the world is a gift and privilege. I love seeing the difference in cultures, landscape and architecture – even in our own country! There is so much out there to explore.

How do you kick-back?  I love going to the gym, which doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘kicking-back’ but I find it relaxing and a place where I can clear my mind. I’ve always been active and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how essential working out is for my mental and physical health which ignited my desire to get into the gym. Through this I found that I actually really love to break a sweat and challenge myself physically. It also means I can enjoy more snacks 😉

What would we find playing on your iPod, or phone, etc.  You can find almost anything on my phone, with the exception of country – I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and I still can’t do it. Most days you’ll find a true crime podcast playing to get me through the work day. My music preferences in a nutshell, based on my most listened to Spotify stations: Odesza, UGK, Gramatik, Atmosphere, Top 40, 90s Pop and The Eagles. My dad is a huge music lover and he definitely passed that love down to me, although I don’t I have his level of knowledge or appreciation.

Where do you find inspiration?  My degree is in advertising with a focus in art direction. Pinterest and Behance are great resources for graphic ideas. I can get lost for hours on Behance researching ideas for something. Beyond this, I’ve found that people are the best resource for inspiration. You can create good ideas on your own but some of the best ideas and creations come from collaboration.