Member Spotlight: Casey Oliver

Casey Oliver, Marketing Manager at FKP

SMPS Member since 2011; Currently serving on the Communications Committee


What is the biggest benefit of being active in SMPS?  There are lots of wonderful benefits to being active in SMPS, but I think it can all be summed up in the opportunities it provides. Opportunities to extend your network through happy hours and conferences, expand your knowledge base via programs, have a creative outlet outside your job through committees, and be recognized for your hard work in the awards programs.

What has been your memorable SMPS event to date, and why?  Definitely the Southern Regional Conference in New Orleans in 2015. It was such a great event – the sessions were top-notch and at the end of the day, we got to hang out on Bourbon Street. What’s not to love?

Describe your typical work day.

9 am: “We’re going to have a great day today and get so much done! Hooray!”

6 pm: “WHERE DID THIS DAY GO. Also, did I ever eat lunch?”


What do you love most about your job?  I love being a problem solver. I love that I am constantly busy helping people figure out ways to accomplish their goals. I love that even though I’m in marketing, I also get people who come to me for help with interesting and strange side projects. I love that my job often feels like a game of intellectual Tetris. 

What has been your hardest lesson learned?  You just can’t do it all. I’m naturally a people-pleaser and want to be facilitating and helpful. It has taken lots of stress-filled, overworked weeks throughout my growing career to realize that someone will always be waiting on something from you. And that’s okay.

What would you do with a year off?  I would probably spend the first month in my bed. Then, who knows? Maybe I’d go overseas and enroll in an art program or something. I’d meet a cute guy on a Vespa and we’d joyride around the city – wait, that’s an Olsen twins movie.

What do you enjoy most about Houston?  El Tiempo. Next question.

What’s the one thing you already own that you can’t live without?  Waffle iron. Those things are seriously underrated. One time, I got sucked into a YouTube vortex – just video after video of insane waffle iron recipes. It was my own personal Age of Enlightenment.