Meet the Board: Paula Edler, Education Director

Paula Edler, Marketing Coordinator at Matrix Structural Engineers

SMPS Member since 2014; Current Education Director


What does your committee do?  I like to think we make marketing and business development a more valuable position in the AEC industry. The Education committee is on the forefront of what is going on in the marketing world and seeing how it translates into the AEC industry. We plan lunch-and-learns throughout the year on a variety of topics and we are constantly looking for the next big idea. 

Why did you want to be on the board?  SMPS has given me so much, and after two years of being on the education committee I felt it was time for me to step up and give back to this awesome organization.

What do you hope to accomplish as director/chair?  I would love to bring a higher level of content to the lunch-and-learns we put on. I am also excited about bringing some fresh ideas to the table, so keep an eye out. We should have one or two events that we have never attempted before. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a board member?  Do it! I was very nervous to take on so much work – but the SMPS board is made up of great people that want nothing more than you to succeed. I have already had so much help and insight on planning events that the transition has been much easier than I was anticipating. 

Why do you love SMPS?  SMPS gives me a large network of people that I can call on when I need help. Whether it’s a RFQ form, background information on an organization, or where to start making introductions at another firm – SMPS has taught me that if I don’t know the answer then I know someone that does.