Marketing Coordinator / Hensel Phelps

Company: Hensel Phelps
Location: Austin, TX
Field: AEC
Job Level: 0-5 years

The Marketing Coordinator reports to the Proposal Manager or the Project Development Director as assigned by the Regional Director. The Marketing Coordinator Position is the stepping stone to the Proposal Manager position.

A partial list of the primary tasks / responsibilities of the Marketing Coordinator include:
a. Department Responsibilities
i. Maintains customer relationship and project information databases
ii. Maintains Hensel Phelps’ Brand consistency
iii. Prepares Social Media posts, website administration & Batterboard Articles
iv. Prepares marketing materials (displays, brochures, etc.)
v. Participates in special Project Development committees or task forces as assigned by the PDD
vi. Manages all project development assets (e.g. photos, reference letters, project descriptions, and project facts)
vii. Maintains all project development peripherals and historical proposal information
b. Opportunity Management
i. Checks websites for solicitations and updates
ii. Implements Win-Plan or strategy with Proposal Manager and or the Procurement Champion
iii. Develops the parts and pieces of proposals
iv. Develops outline for proposal including layout, covers, tabs, etc.
v. Develops RFQ/RFP responsibility/compliance matrix
vi. Responsible for reference verifications
vii. Develops past project and proposed staff matrices based on relevant criteria
viii. Prepares Data Sheets ix. Prepares Resumes
x. Assists in coordinating narratives
xi. RFP/RFQ production, shipping, and delivery
xii. Collaborates with consultants and Design-Build partners
xiii. Develops templates for subcontractor/sub consultant qualifications
xiv. Prepares Pre-Qualification Packages
c. Industry and Outreach
i. Prepares Industry and Outreach materials as assigned
ii. Prepares Advertisements as assigned
iii. Prepares Award submittals as assigned
d. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Project Development Director, Proposal Manager, or Regional Director