Board Member Spotlight: Lori Grubbs

Lori Grubbs, CPSM, Visual Communications Manager at LJA Engineering

Current SMPS Houston Communications Director | SMPS Member since 2009


What does your committee do?  The Communications Committee (I lovingly refer to them all as ROCKSTARS) handles all aspects of the chapter’s many messaging needs. We work with all committees to announce and promote news and upcoming events. Our roles include graphic design, newsletter, social media, website, photography, and more. If you have received our weekly newsletter, visited the SMPS Houston website, or seen us on social media, you have seen our committee members at work!

Why did you want to be on the board?  Without being too sentimental, SMPS (and its members) have played a huge role in my career development and advancement. I have made such close friends and gained a valuable mentor/friend from my active involvement in the chapter. I’ve been on the Communications Committee since I joined SMPS in 2009, and when the opportunity came to join the board as Communications Director, I knew the timing was right! I wanted to give back to the chapter as well as shape how we operate moving forward.

What do you hope to accomplish as director/chair?  I’m wrapping up my tenure on the board, but during my time as director, we have continued to streamline our communications process. Our job as a committee is to funnel information from the board and pass it along (in many ways through many vehicles) to our 225+ members. I like to say that we put the FUN in funnel. J This isn’t always an easy process, but by putting systems in place we can help both board members and Communications Committee members efficiently get info ready and disseminated to our chapter in a timely manner. Another accomplishment that I am proud of is the targeted social media campaign, #MembersMatter, which focuses on the importance of our members. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a board member?  Join the committee you are interested in leading and be as active as you can so you learn all the moving parts, roles, and responsibilities of the committee.

Once you are a director, here is the secret to a great board experience – have incredible committee members! “It will change your life!” (Infamous quote courtesy of Mindy Cernosek). You cannot do it all on your own – and honestly, you don’t want to…it’s not nearly as fun! It’s been a joy and an honor working with my committee members. They are amazing, talented, and dedicated! Here is my shout-out to #CommComm – thank you for all you do!